During the last five years, immunotherapies combined with chemotherapy have showed a great response in Small Cell Lung Cancer (SCLC). However, after a few months after treatment, we have encountered the same problem, cancer resistance to treatments, and once again we are stock without a real solution.

However, Cancer Cell has recently showed the results of incipient clinical trials with a novel drug, called berzosertib, a DNA-repair inhibitor that could be extremely beneficial to revert the resistance mechanisms to treatment set in place by the tumor. In fact, when combining topotecan, a FDA-approved chemotherapy for SCLC with berzosertib, 36% of the patients showed an important tumor reduction in previously-treated-resistant tumors. The mechanism of action behind this important discovery, is the fact that chemo-drugs such as topotecan, damage the DNA of highly-dividing cancer cells, meanwhile berzosertib, inhibits ATR, the protein required for the repair of damaged-DNA triggering cell death, and consequently, long-term tumor reduction. Furthermore, patients could sustained this novel combination for months due to a well-tolerated toxicity.

Currently, new clinical trials using berzosertib against resistant-bladder cancer and resistant-cervical cancer are being performed. Hopefully, we will have exciting results in upcoming months.