It is a real pleasure to start this newsletter by congratulating one of our teachers, Dr. Eduardo Díaz-Rubio, for his new appointment as the new President of the Royal National Academy of Medicine.

Dr. Díaz-Rubio´s presidency is going to be effective from 2020 to 2024 and it will demand a lot of support and confidence from the academic body because the Royal National Academy of Medicine is involved in the Dictionary of Medical Terminology, the library of the Royal Academy, the scientific magazine “Anales RANM” that brings an important association between the clinic and basic science, as well as the Museum of Medicine between others. Last but no least important, the Royal National Academy of Medicine also works as a consultant for the Spanish Government and it emits medical informs for the Justice Department.

During his professional trajectory, Dr. Díaz-Rubio has demonstrated as an oncologist involved in 800 clinical trials, but also as a researcher with more than 300 publications, that there is no better person to take over this post. Furthermore, Dr. Díaz-Rubio is engaging into creating a Crisis Committee to assist in any health-related problems that could hunter Spanish society bringing his commitment and help to everyone, from health professionals to patients.

We are really lucky to count with such a professor in our Master!