The board of Direction of the Master in Molecular Oncology (Bioscience Studies Centre) is proud to announce that one of our faculty, Dr. Mariano Barbacid, became on November 29th  an Honorific Member of Royal Medical Academy of Comunitat Valenciana. This Academy was founded in 1830 by Fernando VII, the King and it has as main mission to support and develop medical science study and investigation in all Comunitat Valenciana. Since its foundation, this Medical Academy recognizes the work and dedication of Spanish and foreign researchers, inviting them to be members of this institution. Finally the turn has come to the human oncogene discoverer: Dr Barbacid.

The event, which took place at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Valencia, was attended by Dr. Antonio Llombart (president of Royal Medical Academy of Comunitat Valenciana) and the president of Physicians’ College, Mercedes Hurtado. Despite being a member of the prestigious USA National Academy of Sciences, Dr. Mariano Barbacid was excited during his conference entitled “The future Oncology: personalized therapies or immune-therapy”. And it’s no wonder, because it’s the first time he is invited to be a member of a Spanish Medical Academy.