September 24th has been selected as the day to remind us all of the relevance of Cancer Research Worldwide.  It is essential to continue deciphering the underlying molecular mechanism in Cancer and most importantly, to share this knowledge in order to drive progress together. This a fight where all of us: researchers, clinicians, patients and families, and society in general, need to be united if we want to finally conquer this devastating disease.

It is worth mentioning, that in the last two decades we have witness amazing improvements in Cancer research, which have translated into a significant increase in patient survival, such as the 90%-5-year relative survival rate in all SEER stages combined for breast cancer. In fact, we are proud to say that the decline in cancer-related death rate over the last two decades has been dropping by an average of almost 2% per year. And for that, early detection has proven essential as well as the identification of novel biomarkers

From the CEB and the Molecular Oncology Master (MOM), we want today to share our appreciation and deepest recognition for all of those researchers in the world that are working really hard in order to find novel therapeutical targets and to understand the molecular mechanisms behind tumor growth, metastasis and resistance, as well as the rest of the complexed universe of cancer research.